Improve population health and maintain HIPAA compliance

Empower your team to improve health for clients and communities. Learn how SurveyMonkey Enterprise offers a scalable, secure solution with features to help you comply with HIPAA.

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Collect feedback across multiple touchpoints and discover meaningful insights to help your organization protect and improve population health.

Gather patient feedback on access to healthcare services across the continuum of care, telehealth experiences, and better understand impediments to improve population health outcomes.

Improve public health and safety by assessing and acting on client and community understanding of health and safety best practices. Add feedback loops as part of your PDCA cycles.

Send surveys on a regular cadence to check-in. Get started quickly with any of our healthcare-specific templates. Collect survey responses through web pages, email, text/SMS, mobile kiosks, and more.

Improve visibility and control over survey users and data with a single survey platform for your domain. Share questions and results across your organization to improve research.

Maintain control over who sends surveys, the data they collect, and what they do with it. Collect and manage PHI through surveys in a manner that complies with HIPAA policies and regulations.

Connect survey data with Salesforce, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or SPSS for richer analysis and trend visualization. Share your insights with your team securely using our Workgroups.

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