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Learn how ClickUp made data-driven decisions to create an ad that would resonate on game day and beyond.

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San Diego, California


Software development

Ad testing

All-in-one productivity platform ClickUp is on a mission to save people time by making the world more productive. So when it set its sights on creating a big-game ad, it knew its approach needed to be deliberate, efficient and just right for its brand. SurveyMonkey made it easy for ClickUp to quickly conduct ad testing, pinpoint a winning ad concept and launch a multimillion-dollar commercial with confidence.

When Brian Sherry, head of creative operations at ClickUp, was tasked with launching ClickUp's first big-game ad, he knew the stakes were sky-high. With 113 million viewers nationwide, America’s biggest annual football game was a chance for ClickUp to reach its biggest audience yet. Sherry needed a quick, scalable and trustworthy way to conduct ad testing for the campaign, so it turned to SurveyMonkey for its industry expertise and insights that would guide decision-making.

ClickUp had previously used another testing platform to evaluate how people were interacting with its product and website. But Sherry needed to approach the big-game ad more quantitatively, with a scalable solution that was ready for prime time.

“When the stakes are this high, we need experts guiding our insights,” Sherry explained. “We were looking for a trusted partner to ensure that the data would be statistically significant and that the critical questions we were posing didn’t inadvertently introduce selection bias.”

With SurveyMonkey, the team at ClickUp received actionable insights at lightning speed. “We were able to get tangible takeaways that made us feel confident in the data and findings,” said Sherry. And because Sherry and his team could access an integrated panel of vetted sources, scaling up was simple and painless. “SurveyMonkey provided an impressive base of respondents,” said Sherry. “As a result, we were able to test our ad with more than 5,000 people in less than a week!”

Screenshots of selective targeting feature in SurveyMonkey, concept testing solution and a pie chart
Headshot of Brian Sherry and ClickUp logo

Brian Sherry
Creative operations lead

With SurveyMonkey, Sherry and the ClickUp team pinpointed what would truly resonate with their audience on game day. “We were able to select the version of our ad that was most funny and memorable based on a statistically significant result from our testing,” Sherry said.

ClickUp’s innovative approach to its big-game campaign didn’t stop there. To boost the ad’s impact beyond its short 30-second airtime, respondents were asked to enter words that came to mind after watching the ad. Sherry then generated a word cloud of the most common phrases and gave that list to ClickUp’s SEO team.

From there, ClickUp ensured that even if a viewer didn’t remember the name of the company, they’d still be able to find it through a search, which maximised its big-game ad investment and drove the highest amount of traffic to ClickUp’s site.

Ultimately, SurveyMonkey provided ClickUp with the high-quality data and actionable insights that made its big-game ad a success. “My biggest takeaway in working with SurveyMonkey is the importance of trusting the data to make an informed decision,” commented Sherry. “SurveyMonkey had a solid infrastructure that allowed our team to be well informed and confident. It helped us achieve our end goal, which was launching the strongest ad campaign possible.”

Brian Sherry
Creative operations lead

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey ad testing survey template

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