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of marketers report that AI makes their job easier*

of people prefer to get customer service from a human rather than a chatbot**

of marketers fear that AI will challenge their job safety*

Stats on AI: 1. Net Promoter® Score is 72 points higher for human service agents than for AI 2. 75% of marketers support AI-generated content being excluded from search engine results 3. 26% of market researchers say they use AI in their work daily or weekly
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Despite their favourable views of AI, marketers have a healthy respect for its potential for disruption.

AI in the customer experience - research by SurveyMonkey

The average NPS for human customer service is +6 (slightly positive), while the average NPS for an AI-driven customer service is -66 (very negative).

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With 49% of market researchers not having used AI in the past three months, their adoption of AI is slower, but this is not for lack of enthusiasm.

“The immediate opportunity for the adoption of generative AI is not to replace humans but to augment them…think of GenAI like an eager intern, cranking out the tedious labour and passing it to a human for approval.”


Dave Seaton, CEO of Seaton CX

SurveyMonkey Genius brings together AI, survey experts and machine learning to provide step-by-step guidance, identify potential errors and recommend fixes, predict survey performance and automate creation tasks.

Start collecting survey and form responses in just a few minutes.

Tap into a global survey panel of 175M+ people for real-time market data.

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Students use AI for schoolwork but fear for their job prospects.

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AI isn’t used by many providers yet but within five years it may be.

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AI could shake the foundations of the US entertainment industry.

Man with serious expression holding tablet

Among US workers, AI is a threat to some but a concern to many.

*This SurveyMonkey study was conducted among 403 marketing professionals between 11 and 18 July 2023. Respondents were selected from an online non-probability panel.


**This SurveyMonkey study of 2,201 US consumers aged 18+ was conducted between 17 and 19 April 2023 and weighted by age, race, gender, education and geography, using the Census Bureau’s Community Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the United States.


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