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Technology can make a difference

SurveyMonkey uses its platform to promote social change and supports the initiatives most important to our company, stakeholders and partners.

One way that SurveyMonkey for Good makes an impact is through SurveyMonkey Contribute, a program that enables survey respondents  to take surveys in exchange for a SurveyMonkey-sponsored donation to a nonprofit of their choice. SurveyMonkey Contribute has raised over 15 million dollars for participating organizations. Here are some of their stories.

Man representing american red cross organization

Video: In the words of our partners - How Contribute makes an impact

Man representing larkin street organization

Video: How Contribute partner Larkin Street Youth helps homeless teens

Dog laying on a bench

Impact story

How SurveyMonkey for Good helps animals find safe, loving homes with the Humane Society of the United States

A woman with her children at a clinic

Impact story

How SM4G helps Doctors Without Borders save lives around the world

Students outside a school

Impact story

How SM4G + Larkin Street Youth helps empower youth to move beyond homelessness

A sign that reads "good news is coming"

Impact story

8 Orgs SM4G helps make the world a better place

Receding lake water line

Impact story

SM4G’s Contribute helps Clean Water Fund fight climate change and water insecurity

At SurveyMonkey, we passionately believe that by empowering others with data, we can change the world. SurveyMonkey for Good embodies this passion and puts it into action. From our obsession with fostering a strong (and award-winning) culture of inclusion and belonging to the innovative ways in which we use our products to create positive social change, we are making the communities where we live and work better places for all.

To unlock the potential of People Powered Data to improve our world and to give everyone a voice. This idea drives how we do business and inspires our troop to do their best work.

With data!

Using our own product, we completed a materiality assessment, where we surveyed employees, customers and board members to learn what they’re passionate about and to identify the causes they believe best align with our brand values.

From thousands of responses, clear themes emerged and we developed programs to support them. We are proud to work toward a stronger, more engaged community that is able to use technology to promote social change for good.


Ross Moser
Chief Product Officer, SurveyMonkey

“SurveyMonkey for Good is uniquely positioned to extend this listening capability to key populations that will benefit from having a greater voice. Our products, our data, and our reach enable us to amplify these voices and ensure they are heard and acted on to improve people's lives.”

We are passionately committed to making the communities where we live and work better places for all. The stronger our communities are, the stronger we are. We do this through our strategic giving initiatives, SurveyMonkey Contribute and our Social Impact Fund, empowering each new Troop member by making giving back a part of our new hire onboarding for each and every SurveyMonkey employee, and encouraging people to volunteer and engage with the organizations and issues that matter most to them — ones that have a direct impact on the local communities in which they live and work.

One example of our commitment to giving back is our annual company-wide Week of Service. Our late CEO, Dave Goldberg, was passionate about giving back. To honor Dave’s legacy, passion, and commitment, we celebrate his birthday each year with a week dedicated to community service. Employees in each office are encouraged to #makedaveproud by volunteering in their communities, engaging in team-based give-back activities, and making an impact in a way that is meaningful to each Troop member.

volunteer image

“Every year the events that happen as part of Week of Service have a special place on my calendar. It's a fantastic tribute to Dave and a great way to give back across the globe.”

San Mateo, CA

At SurveyMonkey, our ethos is to cultivate diverse, equitable and inclusive communities, both within our workplace and beyond.  As a place where the Curious Come to Grow, we are devoted to cultivating a collaborative and inclusive workplace where curiosity is celebrated and where everyone—no matter their background—can succeed, feel a sense of belonging, and learn from one another.  We value the participation and contributions of all employees, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, and experience. 

At SurveyMonkey, Diversity & Inclusion is backed by strong leadership and a genuine belief in standing up for what’s right. We are committed to building environments, within our offices and beyond, where all people can thrive and be their authentic selves. 

We know that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion improves employee experience, helps us understand and better serve our customers, and makes us a stronger business.

A sense of belonging and purpose is crucial for people to thrive.

The more our employees feel a sense of belonging and purpose, the more energized they become to effect positive social change. The greater the impact their efforts have, the more they dedicate themselves to this work.

To cultivate inclusive and equitable workplaces where everyone feels a true sense of belonging, we created a Belonging and Inclusion Survey Template that focuses on three key components of inclusion, each based on research by Stanford University experts, as well as a Diversity and Inclusion Guide that companies can use to evaluate and build upon the impact of their diversity and inclusion efforts.

“Not only are we uniquely positioned to amplify our social impact because of what we do and how we do it, but we also have built a culture that allows us to prioritize giving back, and that combination gives us a significant advantage.”

Lora Blum
General Counsel, SurveyMonkey

We want to use technology to build a better world — to improve the health of institutions, people, and the planet.

We believe passionately in the power of data to help people solve tough problems and effect change. Our technology and our people, together, power our ability to create impact through data and bring value to customers.

Technology for Good takes this one step further. This initiative enables us to use technology – our own and others’ – to champion human rights; empower the voiceless; and create a more inclusive, just, and sustainable world.

surveymonkey logo


Millions of Americans take surveys to earn dollars for their favorite charities. We donate 50¢ per completed survey to the nonprofit of their choice.



Not only did we make a pledge, but we are a proud member of the Pledge 1% Builders, a group of 20+ members standing at the forefront of economic and social change. Our surveys help them provide better resources to the companies willing to donate time, equity, product, and profit.



Nonprofit organizations receive free SurveyMonkey licenses as an initiative to collect feedback from the communities they serve. “Listening” helps improve their programs and scale their impact.

“Participation in Listen4Good has been extremely beneficial. It has opened our eyes to so many things and most importantly given us a tool to strengthen our program and results. We are thrilled."

2017 Grantee



in nonprofit product discounts (has increased by more than 100% each year!)


in nonprofit donations via SurveyMonkey Contribute


in employee-matched contributions 170+ nonprofits worldwide in 2018


employee volunteer hours during 2018 Week of Service


nonprofits have received free product licenses via Listen4Good*


Zander Lurie
Chief Executive Officer

“Corporations are full of curious people with big ambitions. When companies execute well and drive profitability, one of the key stakeholders is the community. A fair expectation is, that company uses its products, resources and time to have a positive impact in the community.”


Rebecca Cantieri
Chief People Officer

“SurveyMonkey for Good presents us with a unique opportunity to extend our business impact in positive ways, to showcase our product and platform, to inspire our employees, and to be a force for good in our industry.”


Melynnie Rizvi
Director, Employment, Inclusion and Impact, SurveyMonkey

“SurveyMonkey for Good is a strategic business priority that is championed and exemplified at all levels of the organization, from our Board of Directors, our leadership team, and all across the organization. I am incredibly honored and proud to be leading this work at SurveyMonkey."

“To me, the most important thing is SurveyMonkey's dedication to diversity and inclusion. I feel proud to work for a company working to provide opportunities to all people.”

Employee, Portland

“The week of service in honor of Dave Goldberg is one of my favorite events of the year. It is a time to give back in our community, influence others and have an impact. Dave's legacy is connecting and helping others and this event truly represents those qualities he exhibited.”

Senior Director, Human Resources

“I’m excited to see SurveyMonkey leverage our talent, our funds, and our reach to promote the values of giving back locally and advocating for equality.”

VP, Product Marketing & Customer Advocacy

*Source: Listen4Good