LAST UPDATED: August 1, 2023

This page relates to SurveyMonkey surveys. For information about cookies in GetFeedback Digital services please see here. For information about cookies in other SurveyMonkey services and sites, please see here.

Like most commercial websites, we use cookies. Cookies are small bits of data we store on the device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) that you use to access a survey. Each cookie expires after a certain period of time depending on what we use it for. Please note that in this document, we use the word “cookies” as a catchall term to include not only cookies, but also other technologies such as pixels, local browser storage, web beacons and page tags. 

Below we list and describe the types of cookies we use when you take a survey with us. For information about cookies we use on other pages in our Sites, please see our Cookies Notice and Privacy Notice.

Please note that clearing or disabling cookies might impact your ability to take the survey effectively. Enabling cookies ensures a smoother survey-taking experience.

Certain cookies are necessary in order for a survey to operate correctly and securely. For example, we use cookies to authenticate you if that is required by the survey Creator for the service. When you log on to our websites, authentication cookies are set which let us know who you are during a browsing session. (Example cookie name: sso_user).

These cookies also help us to manage the traffic that comes to our website and provide you with quicker response times by distributing the traffic across our different servers, otherwise known as load balancing. (Example cookie name: EP201).

Other required cookies deliver essential functions of the survey taking experience for example preventing users from taking the same survey multiple times (RP_XXXXXXXX, P_XXXXXX) or may be required when we are migrating to upgraded or updated survey functionality.

These cookies are used to enable certain additional functionality and enable testing of new functionality. (Example cookie name: EP 202).

We never use these types of cookies on a survey-taking page in Europe. However if you have previously visited a SurveyMonkey Site and accepted advertising cookies on that site, these may appear in your browser settings while you are taking a survey.

If you are a SurveyMonkey customer and you separately use cookies or similar technologies on your site in conjunction with a SurveyMonkey product, you are independently responsible for management of the data collected through those cookies and for compliance with all laws related to usage of these technologies.

ep201Required1 hourSet by load balancer. User tracking for abuse and troubleshooting problems.
RP_XXXXXXXXRequired90 daysEnforces the one response per computer setting.
sso_userRequired90 daysDetermines if certain Enterprise respondents are authenticated if an account holder requires respondents to authenticate.
CX_XXXXXXXX and P_XXXXXXXXRequired1 yearUsed for pop-up surveys to track whether the survey was already taken to avoid re-showing the pop-up.
sm_irRequiredsessionUsed by the instant results page so a survey creator can display data.
_splunk_rum_sidRequired15 minutesThis is a site observability cookie that identifies/monitors site issues.