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LAST UPDATED: November 1, 2023

These Survey Platform Terms of Service (“Terms”) apply to your use of SurveyMonkey's online and mobile survey tools related to the creation, deployment, analysis, and administration of surveys under your Team Advantage or Team Premier SurveyMonkey account or subscription plan (the “Team Survey Service”).

Each end user account that belongs to your Team Survey Service subscription is referred to as a “seat” or “user” and they collectively form the “Team”. A Team may represent a team, group, or other subdivision within your organization, or the whole organization. Each Team Survey Service subscription represents one Team, and you may maintain multiple Teams by purchasing multiple Team Survey Service subscriptions.  If you maintain multiple Teams, you may request to transfer a user from one of your Teams to another.

The Team Survey Service is designed to provide you as the primary admin with the ability to self-manage your Team. Management and administration of your Team is the responsibility of you and not SurveyMonkey (including responding to requests for account creation, deletion, and reassignment, and management of opt-in and opt-out communications settings for users). We will not be responsible for any liability arising from adding, removing, or otherwise managing your Team in accordance with your instructions. 

The Team Survey Service may include features that permit your end users to invite other users to use or access the Team Survey Service, including guest users. Guest users are end users who do not have accounts under the Team Survey Service and, for the purposes of this section, are deemed to be your end users. You will ensure that your end users comply with the terms under which the Team Survey Service is made available to you, including any applicable acceptable use policies. You may not provision any seats to minors. “Minors” are individuals under the age of 16 (or under a higher age as provided in certain countries or territories). If your end user breaches these Terms, or uses the Team Survey Service in a manner that SurveyMonkey reasonably believes will cause SurveyMonkey liability or disrupt others’ use of the Team Survey Service, then SurveyMonkey may suspend or close the applicable end user account, suspend or terminate such end user’s access, or request that you do so.

If the Team Survey Service terminates, all end user accounts (including the primary admin account) in the Team will be converted into individual accounts, which will lose functionality specific to the Team and be subject to the Terms of Use (“Downgrade”).

You acknowledge that a Downgrade may cause you to lose control of all your Team upon termination. Team accounts that have converted to individual accounts will be regarded by SurveyMonkey to be controlled by the end user to whom the account is registered at the time of the Downgrade. Consequently, if you desire to regain control of such accounts, you should contact the applicable end users. SurveyMonkey generally will not transfer control of such an account without the authorization of the controlling end user.

If you desire to retain control of your Team accounts following a Downgrade, you are solely responsible for taking actions, before the Downgrade, that are necessary to achieve this, such as: (a) reassigning Team accounts to appropriate personnel of yours; (b) changing access credentials to Team accounts; and (c) exporting data in your Team accounts and deleting any data you do not desire end users to have access to following the Downgrade. Where practicable, we will provide you with advance warning before a Downgrade in order to give you the opportunity to perform the foregoing actions.

If you re-purchase the Team Survey Service following a Downgrade, accounts that were converted to individual accounts as a result of the Downgrade will need to be re-invited to join the Team, if you desire. However, there is no guarantee that each such end user will accept that invitation.

If the number of end users exceeds the units purchased, the additional units will be charged at the per unit pricing for those additional units as specified on the underlying subscription pricing, prorated for the portion of that subscription term remaining at the time the subscription units are added. Any such additional subscription units will renew or terminate on the same date as the underlying subscription. Subscription units relating to a Team Survey Service cannot be decreased during a subscription term for that Team Survey Service.

Your use of the Team Survey Service must comply with any policies applicable to it, as listed in the Legal Center, including the Acceptable Uses Policy.

If we close a survey you are conducting because of a violation of our terms, you should not re-open the survey without remedying the violation or getting our prior written permission. Otherwise, we may suspend the relevant account or stop providing the Team Survey Service to you.