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Enhance any ordering process with online forms. Use SurveyMonkey to create and customise an order form today. 


Online order forms aren’t just for ecommerce. Whether you're collecting T-shirt orders for a family reunion, capturing corporate freebie orders for an employee event or setting up an online shop for your local business, online order forms will make your life easier. 

Online order forms make it simple for people to choose what they want and give you all the details you need to deliver what they expect. Because of this, online order forms can be a powerful tool for virtually anyone, including businesses, clubs, universities, sports teams and more. 

Online order forms provide a streamlined and efficient way to manage transactions. Unlike traditional methods of taking orders, which include taking orders by hand, or via phone or email, online order forms collect and store order information digitally. Here are a few reasons for switching to online order forms: 

Ordering online can be incredibly convenient, especially when you need to capture a lot of details. For example, if you're ordering new kits for your rugby team, you can send an online order form to the group and collect all the essential details you need for everyone on the team. This means that you don't have to contact everyone individually and each person can place their order at their convenience. Moreover, when you take digital orders, all the order information is stored in a convenient and secure database for future reference.

Online order forms make it easy to process payments when selling products or collecting funds from friends for an event. With multiple payment options, customers can pay using a credit card, Venmo, Apple Pay or PayPal. Your order form can also categorise and organise each transaction for efficient bookkeeping. In addition, the secure checkout process provided by online order forms can help establish trust in you or your brand with your customers.

Online forms offer an effortless way to access every detail of each person’s order. Managing and tracking a high volume of order forms can be challenging without using an experience management solution with AI-powered insights. Using an online order form template like those provided by SurveyMonkey can help you automate your workflows to efficiently and accurately process, manage and track any type or volume of order.  

Order forms are helpful in any situation where a customer needs to provide specific information to a business to make a purchase or request a service. They can help you manage large amounts of inventory and sales, streamline the ordering process, simplify order tracking and delivery and create a better overall experience for everyone involved.

Regardless of your use case, it’s a good idea to follow a few best practices when building your order form:  

The fundamental purpose of an online order form is to collect the correct information so you can fulfil orders accurately and completely. The type of information you ask for can vary a lot, but in general, you’ll want to ask for: 

  • Name and contact details, such as an email address and phone number
  • Delivery or pickup information, if applicable 
  • Specific order details, including the type of product or service, quantities, sizes and colours 
  • Customisations or special requests, if applicable 
  • Payment information via major payment methods

It's important to consider any additional information required to complete an order. In the case of food-related orders, it's crucial to ask about any food allergies or sensitivities.

To make it easier for people to fill out your order form, you can use various SurveyMonkey formatting options. You can choose the size, colour, personalisation options and format, such as a drop-down menu, radio button or grid. By selecting the appropriate form field for each question, you can ensure that people can complete the form accurately and quickly, which will help you process the order more efficiently.

Whether you’re a company, a sports team or a local bakery, adding branding to your form is a great way to build trust and create a positive customer experience.

Use your logos and other brand assets to make your order form more visually engaging and increase the chance of a conversion. The form should be efficient, visually appealing and consistent with your brand. 

When a user places an order, redirect them to a confirmation page. Always follow up with an email confirmation, and include shipping details if relevant. 

SurveyMonkey provides free templates for common online order forms, eliminating the need to create them from scratch. Common templates include: 

Our T-shirt order template simplifies the process by allowing customers to make their selections online. This pre-built form gathers all the necessary information, including which design, size, colour and quantity the client would like and their contact information. 

Our bakery order form template captures all the essential details required for a successful bakery order. Customers can easily select the type and quantity of baked goods they would like, their preferred flavours or varieties and their pickup or delivery details, as well as provide any special instructions, such as food allergies or sensitivities. Ensure the customer receives their order exactly as they want without confusion or inconvenience. 

Our catering order form simplifies collecting and managing customer orders for catering companies, restaurants and event planners. This allows you to concentrate on delivering a flawless dining experience. Our form gathers all the necessary details, such as menu preferences, guest count, dietary restrictions, delivery or pickup instructions, and any other customer requests.

Our cookie order form template makes capturing and managing customer orders from your SurveyMonkey account easy. Customers can choose their favourite cookie flavours, the quantity of cookies per order, their delivery or pickup details, and any food sensitivities or allergies.

Our change request order form template ensures that all parties are on the same page in terms of modifications to project scope, specifications, deadlines, budget or other contractual terms. The template makes it easy to collect all the information you need from affected parties, including confirmation that they’ve read and agreed to the changes, their signatures and more.

Our vehicle repair order form template simplifies gathering all the information needed to request, authorise and document repairs. Collect details about the nature of the problem, repair work required, estimated costs, spare parts or other materials, and customer information. 

With our sandwich order form template, you can collect and manage food orders without any fuss. Capture key details, including food items ordered, quantity, special instructions (such as allergies or dietary restrictions), delivery or pickup preferences, and customer contact information. 

Our work order form template streamlines initiating, tracking and documenting work orders. Record details such as the date, work description, instructions or guidelines, spare parts or materials needed, labour costs, deadlines or schedules, and authorisation signatures.

Our cake order form template makes collecting and managing cake orders easy. Allow customers to choose their preferred cake type, size, flavour, design details, frosting preferences, pickup or delivery options, and any dietary restrictions or special requests.

Get started with SurveyMonkey today to create robust online order forms with our form template library in just a few minutes.

With SurveyMonkey, you can easily accept online payments via all major payment methods, store all data securely in your SurveyMonkey account and view all your responses at a glance from a convenient dashboard. Plus, automate your workflows further with a wide variety of advanced integrations. Select a plan today to get started.

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