Manage data collection at scale

Help teams collaborate and share while supporting your company’s data governance policies.

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Stay in control of how survey data is collected, accessed, and used while ensuring it’s shared across your organization. We make it easy with centralized account controls that help you manage data and users, and comply with data governance policies.

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See how people are using surveys across your organization with a centralized approach to administration. Know who’s signing in, how often, and how many surveys are being launched so you can audit usage and align survey activity between teams. Control data and manage users by assigning roles and permissions to map out access privileges.

Streamline onboarding and manage user access by automating the onboarding process, at scale. Make it easy for new users to sign up and for existing users to migrate their self-service accounts to the Enterprise plan. Improve adoption and get more teams to take advantage of your survey investment by giving users an easy way to sign up, sign on, and access data.

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Choose settings for your team

Make sure people across your organization adhere to company policies and manage data collection, access, and usage. Define accepted modes of gathering data, and take advantage of the option to limit surveys to company employees, only. You decide how and what data you want users to collect—require survey responses to be gathered anonymously, flag or restrict users from gathering sensitive PII data, or manage and delete respondent data, as needed.