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Online registration form templates

Utilizing registration forms reduces data-entry time, allowing administrators to focus their planning on other areas.

Before an event, collecting basic information from attendees like names, phone numbers, and email addresses can help prepare you to become an efficient organizer. With this essential information, you can confirm attendance and better plan for related aspects of the occasion. For example, you can order the exact number of tables, chairs, food, name tags, and promotional items and products with an actual headcount. This kind of proactive planning helps you stay within budget.

Registration forms are also useful marketing solutions. Organizers can use the information collected on their registration forms to grow their database of customers and contact them for future events. Using a registration form online is also beneficial for educational and recreational events. Overall, using an online registration form helps you plan an event’s logistics more efficiently. 

Wufoo, also by SurveyMonkey, makes it easy to create simple registration forms when all you need is to collect information from users.

SurveyMonkey registration forms are made to work universally for your decision makers, C-suite, as well as your most senior research experts. Its catalog of user-friendly online registration form templates doesn’t require any coding. Design your form, send it out to your target audience by email, collect responses, and then you’ll have all the information you need to determine who is registered for your event. 

This article will show you how to create a registration form. You’ll also learn how to make a registration form work for different events like conferences, student registration, school registration, college registration, and camp registration. Let’s look at some of the online registration form templates you can use for your next event:

Online registration forms help simplify event planning. Start your questionnaire with a basic RSVP and contact information survey. With this form, you can collect attendees’ names and contact information. This event registration form is most helpful when you need to update attendees with new information or changes related to the event. You can embed your event registration form on a website, post it on one of your social media pages, and in an email. 

Event registration forms can be used differently for a single event. For example, a conference might need separate registration forms for attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, VIPs, and even virtual attendees. Registration forms are also useful for workshops, arts and crafts events, concerts, sporting events, humanitarian volunteer efforts, small business appointments, job fairs, webinars, parties, and more. 

The more you know about your attendees, the better you can organize an event and prevent potential issues. You should include some basic event registration questions in your online form: a respondent's full name and initial. Ask them to include their organization if applicable. The more specific attendees are with their name and association, the better you can avoid duplicate registrations. While email addresses serve as valuable contact information, phone numbers are also useful for texting attendees with updates. Asking for respondents’ social media handles is another way to connect with attendees. Here are a couple of basic questions to include on an online registration form:

How did you hear about [Name of event]?

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Referral
  • Flyer
  • Other (please specify):

What method of payment would you like to use?

  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Check/money order
  • Other (please specify): 

The conference registration form offers a template of click-and-drag questions that you can choose from and customize for your event. Provide your answers in a selection of multiple-choice, checkboxes, dropdown menus, rating scales, ranking scales, and textbox options. You can also brand your feedback and insights to create familiarity and trust with respondents. This will help make them feel more comfortable answering your questions and disclosing sensitive data like payment information if necessary. Here are two questions you might want to use on a conference registration form:

Will you be attending [Name of conference] in person or virtually?

  • I will attend the conference in person
  • I will attend the conference virtually

How many classes/workshops do you plan to attend?

  • 0-3
  • 4-7
  • 8-10
  • 11-13
  • Undecided

Learn more about the different question types you can use for your registration forms.

The student registration form is great for parent and teacher conferences, instructor evaluation, faculty feedback, student feedback, and even information about bullying. Each template offers 10-16 questions designed to provide useful data to help you make meaningful improvements to your educational institute.

Student registration forms are also useful for sports and intramural recreational activities. Student organizations can also use this template for membership, contests, and other campus events. Build your next student registration form with these education-related feedback and insights templates. Here are couple of questions you might want to use for your next student registration form: 

Which intramural sport are you trying out for?

  • Basketball
  • Track
  • Dodgeball
  • Baseball
  • None of the above
  • Other (please specify): 

Which student organizations are you interested in joining?

  • Debate club
  • Drama club
  • Media and communication club
  • Advocacy and activism club
  • None of the above
  • Other (please specify): 

You can build your questions as suggested with the student registration form or have a questionnaire built for you. SurveyMonkey AI-powered features will guide you through a step-by-step process to help develop a customizable school registration form. You’ll be able to revise the questions provided in the templates into relevant questions to your educational institution. Design your school questionnaire to help you better prepare for the school year and students. In addition to basic contact information, these questions are also helpful for school registration forms:

Please provide an emergency contact.

  • Name
  • Relationship
  • Phone Number

Which of the following are you most interested in? 

  • Free lunch
  • Reduced-price lunch
  • Neither
  • Unknown
  • Decline to state 

A college registration form will assist administrators and faculty in better preparing for each semester. Having students confirm their enrollment helps determine if more instructors are needed for a class or if the course should be canceled due to low enrollment numbers. College registration forms are also useful in deciding academic placement for students. They’re also perfect for first-time college students. 

Many colleges and universities have a unique application process that includes questions that might not be on other collegiate applications. Some colleges and universities may want students to include their extracurricular activities, community work, awards, and recognitions. College registration forms are also helpful in determining students’ tuition status. Here are some questions you might find on a college registration form:

Have you taken the GRE?

  • Yes
  • No

Have you completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid?

  • Yes
  • No

Utilizing a camp registration form is most helpful for keeping track of attendees and their individual needs. For example, you can ask questions about allergies, dietary restrictions, physical challenges, and other special needs. Like a conference registration form, camp registration forms are also a great way to learn more about each participant to organize activities better. For instance, based on your question, you’d be more informed to plan and organize moderate to highly-active camp activities to suit everyone’s physical capabilities. You’ll also be able to implement meal preparations that adhere to campers’ dietary needs. Most importantly, camp registration forms can inform camp counselors about each attendee's prescribed medications.    

With SurveyMonkey camp registration form templates, you’ll also be able to write your questions in a logical way. Question logic prompts the respondent to answer the following question based on how they answer the current question. In other words, question logic allows you to change the feedback and insights based on each respondent’s answer. For example, if you ask an attendee if they have allergies and answer no, that respondent can go on to the next question. If they the respondent answers yes, then the next question for that answer will be a textbox prompting the respondent to specify what kind of allergies they have. Here are more examples of question logic:

Does your child take any medications or has any medical conditions we should be aware of?

  • Yes
  • No
  • If yes, please explain:

Will your child be able to transition successfully between activities and participate in group play?

  • Yes
  • No
  • If no, please explain:

There are many online registration form templates available for almost any occasion. Wufoo, powered by SurveyMonkey, is a robust online form builder to help you create the best virtual registration form for your next event. 

Through Wufoo, you’ll be able to collect registration fees in addition to relevant information needed to make your event planning successfully efficient. Wufoo has over 400 online registration templates for a variety of events. Sports, retreats, camping, conferences, and tradeshows templates are available to customize. Access these online forms for registration to get started on your next occasion. 

Plan events and manage conferences better with the right registration form template to suit your administrative needs. SurveyMonkey online registration form templates help educators manage student enrollment, class registrations, scholarships, and post-evaluation. It’s also great for organizing recreational activities and events like camping, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. 

Online registration forms reduce the administrative time you’d otherwise spend on processing each attendant on the day of the event. Additionally, having key information about your attendees before an event allows you to directly communicate with each attendee about any changes and opportunities related to the event. 

Online registration form templates also reduce the time spent thinking of questions. It also assists in including questions you may not have asked. The bank of questions provided by SurveyMonkey is categorized into specific industries you can personalize to suit your event. Remember, these user-friendly online registration templates don’t require any coding experience. Get started and try designing a registration form template today!

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