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Your registration form may be someone's first interaction with you. Use one of our expert-written online form templates to make a great impression.


Are you in charge of registration for your business or organisation? Whether you’re hosting an event, enrolling new students or collecting new patient information, an online registration form can help. This is especially the case if you embed it into your website, making registrations quick and easy.

For seamless registrations, start with an expert-written template that asks all the right questions. Keep reading for examples and a list of our most popular online registration form templates. Plus, get tips and best practices for implementing a registration process that will save you time and boost your data management.

Moving your registration process online has many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Efficiency: Need new client or patient information? Get them to register online ahead of time. You’ll save their time and yours. They won’t have to come in early to fill out paperwork and you won’t have to manually enter their information into your system.
  • Accuracy: With an online form, you can make certain fields mandatory. That way, you get all the information you need the first time, limiting data gaps and confusion.
  • Accessibility: Embed your form into your website or send it in an email. Anyone can fill it out online without having to travel to your business. If you have a multilingual customer base, you can easily offer forms in different languages, too.
  • Organisation: Use an online registration form to collect and manage registrant information and files all in one place. You can integrate your registration forms with many of the business tools you already use.
  • Connection: Online registration forms make it easy to stay in touch with your registrants, from important updates to marketing. If you’re hosting an event, you can send reminders and alert attendees to any programme changes. If you’re doing new client intake for your pet grooming service, include a question asking people whether they’d like to sign up to receive your newsletter or special promotions.

Here are a few different ways in which you can create an online form that meets your needs.

Sign up for a free SurveyMonkey account or log in. Go to the header menu, choose Create survey and then choose Start from scratch. To add questions to your form, choose Build and enter your text. 

Not sure how to ask? Search our Question Bank for pre-written questions you can add to your form.

If you know what you want your form to be about but don’t want to write all the questions yourself, you can create a form using AI. Go to the header menu, choose Create survey and then choose Build with AI. Type in a prompt and SurveyMonkey will generate a registration form example that you can edit or use straight away.

Not sure what should go on a registration form? Go to the header menu, choose Create survey and then choose Start from template. Go to the drop-down menu and choose Forms to view dozens of online form templates.

When you find the template you need, choose Use this template and customise it however you like.

Make your online registration forms convenient and easy to fill out so people are more likely to give you complete and accurate information. Here’s how:

  • Keep it short: Registrants are less likely to complete a form that asks too many questions. Set a goal for your form and then only include relevant questions.  If you do need a lot of information, make sure you give people the option to edit their responses so they can exit your form and come back later.
  • Be clear: Avoid jargon; instead, use straightforward language and examples that will help people fill out your form accurately. Read up on other online form design best practices to give your registrants a great experience.
  • Make it seamless: You can embed a registration form into your website or email. This makes it easier for people to connect with you and sign up quickly. Plus, we found that embedding a question into an email can boost response rates by up to 22%.
  • Give confirmation: Let people know that their registration is complete and what they can expect next. Set up your form or survey end page experience, either directing people to the URL of your choice or giving a simple thank you for completing the form. You can also automatically send a confirmation email to registrants.
  • Build trust: If you’re collecting payments or asking people to upload files, take the time to show registrants that they can trust you with their data. Embed a payment form into your website so people don’t have to navigate elsewhere to submit sensitive information. You can also include information about how your business protects people’s data privacy.
  • Make it accessible: Your registration form should be mobile-friendly and accessible across platforms and devices. Learn more about how to make accessible forms.

Get started with some of our expert-written registration templates. Can't see what you're looking for? Check out all of our online form templates designed by experts.

If you’re welcoming new members to your church, you’ll want to get to know them straight away. Use a church membership form to ask a potential member about the following:

  • Any special talents or skills that they can share
  • Whether they’ve been baptised and, if so, when
  • Their church membership history

A conference registration form enables businesses to rapidly create forms that capture attendees’ details, preferences and session choices. These online forms work well if you want to organise a professional event, workshop or seminar or you simply want to collect attendee information. 

A useful addition to conference reference forms is the ability to collect conference fee payments directly from the registration form. 

Simplify your event planning by collecting registrations online. Send out an event registration form and ask attendees for the following:

  • Their contact information, such as name, email address and phone number
  • The name of their company or organisation
  • Their dietary or meal preferences

If you run the membership for a gym or fitness centre, you may have to track trial memberships and various different health plans. A gym membership form can help you stay organised by performing the following functions:

  • Asking registrants whether they are interested in a trial membership or have already completed their trial
  • Listing your different fitness or membership plans and rates, including a description of each
  • Collecting contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, so you can follow up with potential members

Accepting new patients? Make intake and medical records management easier by asking patients to register online. Here are some tips:

  • Collect emergency contact details, insurance information and more.
  • Ask about health history, such as a patient's current medications and preferred pharmacy.
  • Patient privacy matters: Make your registration forms HIPAA compliant with a SurveyMonkey Enterprise plan.

If you’re hosting a seminar, use an education form to collect attendee details. The form can also help you plan your seminar content, allowing you to:

  • Ask attendees to submit questions ahead of time
  • Include seminar information, such as date and time, at the top of the form
  • See who's attending each session if there are multiple sessions

Virtual events have spiked in popularity over the past few years. A virtual event registration form will collect participant data in exchange for a link to a webinar or conference. Alternatively, it will ask for an email address in order to send further information about accessing the event.

If there are any technological requirements, this online registration form will detail them. 

A workshop registration form allows businesses to host a professional development session, a creative workshop or another small-scale private event. These forms will streamline a host’s ability to collect information and effectively plan around attendance before an event.

Make it easy for people to register for your event or organisation so they’ll be even happier to do business with you. Choose from dozens of online form templates designed by experts. Embed forms into your website, collect payments and manage important information and files all in one place. Learn how SurveyMonkey can enhance your registration process and data management.

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