Collect protected health information with HIPAA-compliant features

Confidently manage the protected health information (PHI) you collect through surveys in a manner that complies with HIPAA.

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HIPAA-compliant survey

HIPAA is often associated with healthcare. Yet many organizations across insurance, retail, schools, and other industries may also collect PHI. Our enterprise-grade solution can help you safely collect feedback at scale while reducing your risk of HIPAA violations.

The following circumstances could lead to a situation where PHI collected from survey data doesn't comply with HIPAA.

What kind of data is being collected and how it’s being used.

Who has access to survey data, and with it, PHI.

Who is sending surveys or sharing resulting PHI data.

Surveys with open-ended response opportunities may collect PHI.

Working with partners that lack a rigorous commitment to HIPAA.

Directly requesting protected health information in surveys without appropriate security measures.

Survey with users

Improve visibility and control over survey users and data. Understand who is accessing health information from surveys and what they’re doing with it.

Reduce risk with data encryption (SLL/TLS) on mobile devices, automate user logouts, and more.

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Provide reminders to users of their HIPAA obligations with in-product messages that appear when they perform sensitive operations to PHI, for example, PHI share alerts.

Not only is SurveyMonkey committed to providing the appropriate HIPAA training for our staff who will come into contact with customer PHI, our Enterprise plan provides HIPAA-compliant features to help you reduce risk.

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