Qualtrics vs. SurveyMonkey

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  • Access to a global response panel where you can select the attributes that matter to you and set up your own research in minutes
  • Allows you to integrate survey data into business apps so you can leverage your app investment and continue to work in the systems you use every day
  • 100+ pre-built integrations with popular business apps for broad scale and use
  • 19+ years of collected data for better machine learning, plus AI incorporated throughout the survey creation process helping users build high-performing surveys that deliver better insights
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  • Panels available for US and other selected countries. Requires interaction with Qualtrics to set up panel
  • Recommends that users combine data sets and analysis in the Qualtrics platform, making it the system of record
  • 5 pre-built integrations with business apps
  • Fewer years collecting data; AI functionality focused on analysis

45% of business users who use online survey software say SurveyMonkey is their platform of choice—that’s 7 times the number of Qualtrics users.*

*Study conducted by SurveyMonkey in 2017.

Flexible templates, expert questions, and advanced logic is wrapped in an intuitive interface that makes sending a survey easy for anyone in your organization.

Capture feedback via email, social channels, mobile, web, QR codes, or even offline. Easily share new insights by creating dashboards with real-time data.

Tap into advanced features that help you track business-critical changes and spot trends. Use global Audience panels, logic and branching, and customizations to create surveys that deliver actionable insights.

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“Moving to SurveyMonkey from Qualtrics reduced our costs by a third, consolidated all users into a single Enterprise account, and allowed us to build out a 360 review process.”

—One of the top 50 general contracting firms in the US