Why choose SurveyMonkey Audience over Google Surveys?

SurveyMonkey offers faster results, greater insights, and more sophisticated targeting.

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Want to survey existing contacts? Customize our prewritten market research survey templates in minutes.

Need to find your target market? Access our global consumer panel and get trustworthy insights in real-time.

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SurveyMonkey Audience demographics
  • Go beyond basic demographics with SurveyMonkey Audience. Filter by education level, household income, shopping habits and more.
  • Survey representative samples or balance your sample based on census or custom age and gender buckets.
  • In a rush? Choose SurveyMonkey Audience’s High Priority Status to get responses even faster.

Ultra-fast ad testing helps you ensure your campaign are on target  before launch.

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Be a master at product innovation by testing concepts early on in your development process.

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Measure and assess brand performance metrics like brand awareness, favorability, conversion, and loyalty.

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  • Ask up to 50 questions to uncover deep insights for your business.
  • Easily get started with our AI-powered SurveyMonkey Genius, Question Bank, and nearly 200 customizable templates.
  • Add sophistication to your survey with skip logic, matrix questions and randomization.

See how Helix Sleep listened to its target market using SurveyMonkey Audience and created a product that sold out in a month.