With both online and offline collectors and a global panel of 175M+ respondents, we make it a cinch to reach your audience.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey survey sharing options, such as embed link, buy targeted responses, email, mobile app embed, add data manually

Gather the feedback you need using a variety of popular ways to reach people, both online and offline. Ensure data quality by placing restrictions to prevent people from filling out your survey multiple times.

Use a wide range of popular ways to reach people, including email, web links, SMS/text, web embed and offline kiosk mode.

Manage how many responses people can submit by limiting responses per device or contact. Allow people to respond anonymously to encourage honest feedback.

Know who opened your email invitations and completed your survey or form. Then send follow-up emails that help drive better completion rates.

Easily create personalised experiences that encourage people to answer every survey, form or quiz you send them.

Screenshot of a SurveyMonkey survey that shows user the ability to see their answers after submitting their responses

Use a custom sender email address and custom URL to help people recognise your brand. Display a tailored thank you message after someone submits a survey or form and then redirect them to another webpage.

Automatically send a confirmation email when someone completes your survey or form and provide them with a link to view their responses. Show a custom message to anyone you disqualified based on survey criteria.

Share results instantly after someone has completed a quiz or poll. Keep quiz-takers engaged with custom feedback on individual questions or the entire quiz.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey Audience targeting options, such as age, household income, gender, location and number of responses

Tap into our global audience panel to gain the insights you need to deliver better campaigns, products, experiences and more.

Use a wide range of popular collector options, including email, web links, SMS/text, web embed and offline kiosk mode.

Get targeted insights from a pool of 175M+ people across 130+ countries using more than 50 different attributes.

Access insights anytime, anywhere, with always-on market research tools.

Select any of our templates created by research experts and easily customize them.


Get an individual plan with features that you need, or create a team instead.

Start collecting survey and form responses in just a few minutes.

Uncover actionable insights with SurveyMonkey analysis features.

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