Create custom survey experiences

Give people a personalized survey experience that stays true to your brand.

Woman with customized survey

Whether you want to add in small personalized touches or create custom surveys that get noticed for all the right reasons, we can meet your needs.

Survey themes

Choose from dozens of professional-looking themes, and adjust the layout as needed.

Customized survey

Easily change colors and fonts, add your own images, or access stock photos.

Branded survey

Add your logo or only show your brand from start to finish with white-label features.


With a free account, you can see how a customization feature works before you buy it.

Whether you’re talking to customers, prospects, or even employees, use surveys like any other brand touchpoint.

With paid plans, you can add your logo or other branded images. Customize thank you pages to show people on-brand messaging after they complete your survey.

With prebuilt themes, you can alter the layout, place photos where you want them, and customize colors and fonts, making it easier to conform to your brand’s style guide.

Don’t like sharing the spotlight? With white-label features you can remove SurveyMonkey branding, use the domain, and redirect people to your website or other places online after they complete your survey.

White-label features are only available with some paid plans. See pricing for details.


Worried about crowded inboxes? With custom HTML invitations, you can add images and embed videos.

Entice more people into starting and finishing surveys by making them memorable.

Survey with puppy image

Upload full-screen photos to add extra character to your survey experience. With access to thousands of free images and over a dozen templates, it’s easy to create beautiful and bespoke survey experiences.

Even small touches can delight the people taking your survey. Need ideas? Customize your survey’s URL ending to match your topic or brand. Create a personalized survey from the start by including first names in your email invites. Whether your survey experience is playful, professional, or something in between, small details help set the mood and tone.

Want to make sure your surveys are accessible to everyone? See how we help you comply with 508 and WCAG2 standards or read more about themes and creating accessible surveys.