With Embedded Listener, Program Accelerator and updates to the platform’s AI- and ML-powered Insights features, GetFeedback users will create and close feedback loops faster and in new areas of the customer journey

SAN MATEO, Calif. – 4 November 2021Momentive (NASDAQ: MNTV – formerly SurveyMonkey), a leader in agile experience management, today announced the availability of new GetFeedback capabilities that empower users to create and close feedback loops faster, allowing CX leaders to act upon meaningful insights with greater agility. With Embedded Listener, Program Accelerator and new updates to the AI- and ML-powered Insights capabilities, CX professionals can drive better experiences across the entire customer lifecycle faster, iterate with ease and deploy without requiring expensive consultants. 

The new capabilities are available now and include:

  • Embedded Listener, an API that extends the GetFeedback platform into any offline, proprietary or secure system, such as ATMs, smart TVs, aircraft consoles and more. This API allows users to adhere to organisation-specific brand and security standards while gathering crucial customer feedback in touchpoints that were previously siloed from the holistic customer journey. 
  • Program Accelerator, now available in beta, a new capability that allows users to quickly build and launch turnkey programmes based on CX best practices. Users can easily launch recurring programmes at scale with pre-built survey and email templates in a matter of minutes. Users can then view aggregate or individual feedback, allowing them to understand customer feedback as a whole or to dive in deeper. The first programme available in Program Accelerator is a relationship NPS® sequencer, which helps users get a pulse on their customer base to uncover their advocates and detractors. The relationship NPS sequencer can be set up quickly and automatically send surveys throughout a selected time period, allowing users to properly measure and analyse the right metrics for their CX goals.
  • Updates to Insights capabilities powered by AI and machine learning, including more in-depth open text analysis to easily parse through open text responses. Users can see the top-level sentiment of open text feedback as well as the top keywords and phrases. Users can also get even more granular with contextual analysis, now available in beta, on every phrase in each response, giving a more nuanced understanding of complex customer sentiment. Sentiment Analysis (including top keywords and top key phrases) can now also be shown in 10 different languages* and translated to English. As CX professionals scale their programmes, Insights capabilities allow them to analyse ever-growing volumes of customer data quickly so they can take well-informed actions.

GetFeedback has always offered agile CX solutions that are easy to deploy; these updates now add more channels of data collection, turnkey programme configuration and more powerful analytics. Customers such as Puma and KLM already benefit from the multichannel feedback collection across customer touchpoints offered by GetFeedback.

“With 2022 on the horizon, companies are taking stock of their customer experience programmes and making long-term investments to improve CX,” said Craig Shull, senior vice president and general manager of GetFeedback at Momentive. “Organisations that want to make 2022 the year of CX excellence need to understand their customer deeply, collect feedback anywhere and act on insights fast. We’re thrilled to continue empowering our users with the capabilities they need to work smarter and faster, at a time when excellent customer experience can be the competitive edge they need.”

To learn more, visit www.getfeedback.com

*Sentiment Analysis is now available in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English

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