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Momentive Announces SurveyMonkey Price Optimisation Solution, Empowering Users to Find Optimal Prices for Products

The new solution democratises access to pricing decision-making by putting the power of audience sentiment in the hands of all users, not just market research experts

SAN MATEO, Calif. — 9 November 2022 — Momentive (Nasdaq: MNTV), the maker of SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback, today announced the launch of its new Price Optimisation solution for SurveyMonkey. Using the popular Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter, the new solution is a quick, easy and reliable way for product managers, marketers, insights professionals, pricing managers and other business professionals to determine the optimal price point of a product in hours, not weeks.

In times of economic uncertainty, knowing what an audience is willing to pay for a product is critical for maximising both profitability and customer satisfaction. With many companies focused on cost-cutting, investing in expensive, slow, third-party research agencies is often not a priority, yet many low-end survey tools lack the expert methodology and targeting capabilities required for this work. SurveyMonkey Price Optimisation fills that gap as a robust yet accessible solution that features in-product guidance for both the survey creation and analysis stage and delivers real-time results.

Key features of the Price Optimisation solution include: 

  • With built-in Van Westendorp methodology, the solution makes it easy for anyone to run price optimisation research. In-product guidance and best practices allow any user to set up a methodologically sound survey. Analysis guidance helps users at any level of expertise identify a product’s optimal price points and acceptable price range based on target audience feedback. 
  • Users can deploy a survey in hours with self-service checkout or enjoy the flexibility of working with experts to assist in launching. A global panel is built into the solution, which allows users to see responses in real time as they come in.
  • Built-in data visualisations and custom questions allow users to quickly determine the optimal price point and range based on a target audience’s responses. Trusted, proprietary data through the SurveyMonkey Audience panel allows users to reach over 175 million people in over 130 countries, including B2B and niche audiences. The data is automatically cleaned and outlier responses are removed, leaving users with reliable, quality data. 
  • The solution is a cost-effective alternative to expensive and slow third-party agencies that deliver static results in weeks. It is also available with project-based pricing so users aren’t locked into a subscription to use the solution.

“Determining how to price products is often what makes or breaks a company’s success, yet many small-to-medium companies struggle with this being a costly and difficult process,” said Samuel Bakouch, senior vice president of product management at Momentive. “We recognise how critical this is to any business, which is why our Price Optimisation solution is designed to be affordable, easy to use and fast. Our goal is to democratise decision-making, and this solution puts the insights that matter into the hands of product managers, product marketers, founders and more to set the price for new product launches, adjust the price of existing products and prioritise new features based on audience feedback.” 

About Momentive

Momentive (NASDAQ: MNTV), maker of SurveyMonkey, collects and analyses human sentiment at scale. Momentive products, including SurveyMonkey, GetFeedback and Momentive brand and market insights solutions, equip ​decision-makers at 345,000 organisations worldwide with the insights they need to make decisions with speed and confidence. Millions of users rely on Momentive to fuel market insights, brand insights, employee experience, customer experience and product experience. Ultimately, the company’s vision is to broaden the world’s perspective to shape the future of business. Learn more at

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