Measure and understand your customer effort score (CES) to address pain points, boost loyalty and drive revenue growth.

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Use our customer effort score survey template or create your own.

Share your survey and listen to customers across channels.

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Reduce customer effort with CES insights about key touchpoints, from product purchases to customer support. Customise your CES survey to gain the insights you need along the customer journey. Understand what’s driving your score with filters, crosstab reports and open-text analysis features.

Get timely, actionable feedback by asking the customer effort question at the right time, such as after a customer support interaction. Easily reach your customers wherever they are with multi-channel response collectors.

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Many departments have a role to play in delivering low-effort experiences. With one flexible platform for customer feedback, it’s easy to collaborate to identify friction points. Integrate CES insights (only available in English) with your existing tools to take insights-driven actions fast and amplify your impact.