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Easily create and customise online forms with SurveyMonkey. Start collecting responses today.


If you need someone to complete a form, regardless of the reason, you need to use an online form. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to gather information.

SurveyMonkey survey software provides you with exactly what you need to create professional, modern, attractive forms for almost any application. No coding experience is required: just use our versatile form-building solution for everything from job applications to conference registrations to wedding RSVPs. 

Our powerful logic and analytics tools, software integrations and easy-to-use software simplify the process of collecting online responses. 

Sign up with SurveyMonkey today to embrace the ease and convenience of online forms.

SurveyMonkey gives you the power to produce a completely customised online form. Include the questions and fields you want and then add your colours, logos, images or branding assets. And forms built with our software are user-friendly for respondents via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Not sure how to create online forms? You don’t need a degree in computer science or design to create a professional form with SurveyMonkey. The tools are intuitive and straightforward, yielding exactly what you need with very little effort. 

Creating a paper form is labour-intensive as you balance form fields, questions and branding assets. Our software does all the formatting for you. In fact, you can make your digital form look just like your old paper one. No redesign means no need to train teams to use new forms or spend excess time starting from scratch. And if you need to update the form? Just go in and edit it, and it’s ready to go. 


Remember the days of paper submissions? Flicking through hundreds of papers or cards before finding the one you were looking for? That’s all in the past now. 

When you use an online form created with the SurveyMonkey online form builder, every response is securely stored in the cloud. Your team can access data anytime, anywhere, from any device. View submitted forms from your SurveyMonkey dashboard, where you can sort and review the information or easily transfer it to your favourite CMS. You can also use one of our 100+ SurveyMonkey integration-friendly apps to automatically send responses to the tools you use to initiate workflows.  

All data collected using our software is backed by industry-standard data security processes, so you and your respondents can rest assured that every response you collect is safe.

Keep respondents engaged by using powerful skip logic (also known as branching logic) to ensure that the questions presented to them are relevant based on their previous answers. This keeps your form visually short and respondents are only presented with questions that are applicable to them, both of which can improve your response rate.

For example, if you’re creating a job application form and one of your questions asks whether the applicant owns a car, their yes or no response will lead them to different questions. A yes answer may lead to a question about the need for parking or a request for descriptors. A no answer will lead to the next topic, such as the target salary.

Contact information is a staple of online form content. Once you've collected it, you can use it for future communications, confirmation emails or follow-up questions. Just make sure you inform respondents how you’ll use their contact information so they understand why they’re providing it. 

SurveyMonkey’s software allows you to fully customise a form to suit any need. You can create a form for any use, whether it’s personal, such as a wedding RSVP, or professional, such as a job application. Need a form unlike any other? No problem. You can use our online form creator to make something brand new.

Online application forms of all types are simple to make with SurveyMonkey. Once they've been created with our online form builder, they can be distributed via a link either in an email or on social media, or they can even be embedded on your website. Responses are automatically collected and can be fed into a spreadsheet or database solution for easy access and subsequent reference.

SurveyMonkey has numerous form templates, including:

Consider using an online form for your job applications. You can manage thousands of application forms if you have an efficient application form solution. Our online forms have additional features, such as file uploads, so applicants can upload relevant certificates, CVs or documents with their applications. Sort applicants in your dashboard or export the results to your own spreadsheet or database.

Managing your event is easy with online registration forms. From a job fair registration form to a workshop registration form to a webinar registration form, SurveyMonkey has numerous form templates.

Collect the information you need quickly and easily from a participant group of any size and then filter, sort and manage the responses that become available to you in real time. Add our payment integration solution to collect fees from registrants (if needed), and then view and work with responses from your SurveyMonkey dashboard or feed them into your database solution of choice.

Evaluation forms are used to provide feedback with the goal of improving future performance. For this feedback to be effective, it needs to be presented uniformly across your team or organisation. One of the biggest challenges when evaluating an individual, group or process is ensuring consistency. Online evaluation forms allow you to craft standardised forms that can be used across the board to ensure consistency between evaluators. 

Our online evaluation form solution makes it easy to enter information, share evaluations with team members and track results over time. All data entered into our software is protected and securely stored.

Use our evaluation form templates, including our software evaluation survey, health insurance survey and estate agent evaluation survey templates, to improve future performance.

Feedback forms are the perfect way to gather opinions and feedback from customers, stakeholders, clients and patients because you get information directly from the affected person. Your online feedback form can be distributed via email, social media, embedded on a website or intranet, or it can even be posted in various locations as a QR code. The key to obtaining valuable, actionable feedback is to provide online forms that are easy for respondents to find and use. 

To increase your chances of receiving honest feedback, consider allowing your respondents the option of remaining anonymous. Many people feel more comfortable providing feedback, especially in a work setting, if they know they won’t be linked to their comments and penalised for any negative statements.

In addition to general feedback forms, you can create complaint forms to receive feedback that will help you identify areas for improvement or suggestion forms to hear ideas from stakeholders. Both of these types of feedback forms are useful because they allow you to initiate changes and introduce solutions before minor issues become major problems.

Do you hate waiting for RSVPs in the post? Online RSVP forms make getting a headcount for your next event a breeze. The responses are automatically stored online, so you can access your guest list at any time from any device. Our forms are completely flexible, allowing event hosts to gather additional information about their guests' dietary restrictions, accessibility concerns, etc. and ensure the event is a roaring success.

Anyone who collects orders can use online order forms. A clean, simple online form makes ordering from your business easier for your customers and gathering the details to fill orders simpler for you. Customisable fields make it easy to ask for multiple details such as size or colour. And our payment integrations can be used to accept payments directly via the form.

But businesses aren’t the only ones who collect orders. Students, sports teams and even families can use online order forms. 

For the best results, share your order form link online and embed the form on your website to reach as many customers as possible. If you use SurveyMonkey, all of your order information is stored online for your convenience.

For many activities, people are required to sign consent forms before being allowed to participate. Sports, photo shoots, beauty procedures and some school activities ask participants (or their parents) to sign these forms. Using an online form builder by SurveyMonkey, you can include directly on the form all the necessary legal and necessary information that must be disclosed for your particular activity. Distribute the form or link to it digitally to save time and avoid form loss.

Creating online forms is nearly effortless with SurveyMonkey and you can expect exceptional results if you follow our best practices.

One of the most important factors in creating an online form is keeping it simple. If your form is overly complicated, you’re likely to have a lower completion rate and may miss out on getting critical responses.

Ask the minimum number of questions to obtain the information you need. Although it’s good to vary the types of questions you ask to maintain interest, it’s best to keep your language and queries as simple as possible.

It’s critical, especially in business, to create accessible web forms. We recommend familiarising yourself with the guidelines provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure that your website and forms are accessible to everyone. 

Specific to online forms, remember to:

  • Use text colours that are adequately contrasted with the background for improved visibility.
  • Provide clear instructions explaining exactly what you want.
  • Word questions clearly so they are easy to understand.
  • Use form field labels to avoid confusion.

These four things will help make your online form accessible to a larger population.

In this day and age, hacks and leaks of personal information are way too common. Anyone completing any type of online form will want to be assured that their personal information will be protected, i.e. that you’re using secure web forms.

SurveyMonkey is committed to data security and compliance. Our comprehensive data security practices are in place to secure all personal information collected via your online forms. Outline the data security and privacy steps you’ll take in your online forms to give users peace of mind.

In order to respond quickly, review submissions and stay on top of your completed forms, it helps to set up automatic notifications. You can monitor your guest list, orders or other form responses in real time. This is particularly useful if you have a short window to receive information and act on it. For example, if a complaint form with a serious issue is submitted to a business, a notification is crucial to take timely action and resolve the problem. 

Follow these best practices and our tips for creating good online forms to produce useful, effective forms for any activity or event.

Your online forms can be easily optimised for maximum usefulness, to drive conversions and to close deals with a few enhancements from SurveyMonkey.

Whether you start from a template or create your form from scratch, when you use SurveyMonkey, you can design and customise every element with our online form builder. Add your colours, logos, images, graphics and other branding assets to enhance your online form. Or use themes to customise the colours and font styles in your design. There are loads of options to personalise your online form and truly make it your own. In fact, every element of your form can be customised to reflect you or your business.

An effective way of collecting responses is to embed your online form on your website. This works well for pulling in web traffic and engaging site visitors with your form. It also prevents web visitors from having to leave your site to complete and submit your form. We recommend creating a landing page with your embedded form and posting the link to social media or sending it out via email to drive engagement and increase form submissions.

SurveyMonkey provides you with the tools you need to embed your form on your website and even add a pop-up invitation to visit the form page.

Does your event require payment? Are you using an order form to sell items? SurveyMonkey offers integration with Stripe (a payment platform) so that you can collect payments from right inside your online form. Lock in registrants and sales by accepting payments or fees on the spot. 

Connecting to SurveyMonkey Integrations can help streamline your business processes by connecting your forms to other software solutions, including the most popular CRMs. 

These are just a few of the hundreds of integrations we offer:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Forms
  • Constant Contact
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho CRM
  • Marketo

Connect to one of these or review the constantly updated list to find the CRM or other tool you use. After a simple installation, your app will be connected and you can use it with your SurveyMonkey data.

It’s easy to analyse data directly in SurveyMonkey with our custom dashboard, but if you prefer, you can easily export your data to your software of choice. Simply export your selected data from your dashboard and choose your format, such as PDF, PPT, XLS or CSV. You can then open the data in Google Sheets, Excel, Adobe or other programs.

As if this couldn’t get any easier, we offer hundreds of templates, including templates for many of our most popular online forms. Take a look at our free survey template page to jump-start your project. Not sure which questions you need to ask? No problem. Our Question Bank contains thousands of questions that you can search, customise and add to your forms.

The best thing about our templates is that they can be used as is or as a starting point for your form. Everything about them can be customised for your event, brand and individual needs. So, save a little more time by starting with a template!

With people spending three to five hours a day on their mobile devices, the best way to reach them is online. Whether you’re collecting RSVPs for a wedding or registrations for a conference, a mobile-friendly online form from SurveyMonkey is your best solution.

We’re confident that our online form solutions will be a perfect fit for your business, educational or personal needs. Make it easy for yourself, and those completing your forms, by creating yours with SurveyMonkey today.

Get started by signing up for your SurveyMonkey account. Then visit our online forms solutions page to build and customise your dynamic, on-brand form.

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