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Make your mentorship more impactful with mentee surveys

Mentee surveys help get the most out of mentorship programs. SurveyMonkey can help. 

The best way to measure the effectiveness of your mentorship program is by interviewing your mentors and mentees with online surveys. From mentors, you can learn what kind of resources they might need to improve their role as the company advisor. Mentees' feedback can offer a fresh perspective of how your organization is managed. Get more insight into employee experience management.

This article will define what a mentee survey is and go further in-depth to explain how valuable it can be to your mentorship program. We'll also supply you with mentee survey questions to better understand how they can work for your business.

TIP: Need help creating a survey? Learn how to conduct a survey.

A mentee survey questionnaire assesses various aspects of your mentorship program. The main purpose of a mentee survey is to see how participants are responding to your program and verify if the time spent being mentored has challenged them enough to help them grow into better professionals. Furthermore, a mentee survey provides insights into your program's effectiveness at developing good work relationships. 

The best times to issue a mentee survey are: during registration, after the mentee and mentor have been matched, after each session, midway through the program, and at the end. Let's examine why these times might be beneficial for your mentoring program:

  • During registration: The onboarding process is your mentee's first impression of your mentorship program and company. Setting precedence here can influence your mentee's entire experience, whether pleasant or challenging. Also, the registration process allows you to learn more about your mentee and can help you achieve a compatible mentor match. 
  • After they are matched: Assessing your mentee before and after they've been matched with a mentor can provide you with enough information to assess if they're comfortable with their mentor or if there might be any conflict. Submitting a mentee survey around this time can help you make any necessary adjustments to your mentor match. 
  • After each session: Connecting with mentees after every session is a great way to pinpoint any progress or obstacles with mentors. Additionally, submitting surveys after each session allows mentees to reflect on their progress and assess themselves to determine what else they'd like to achieve during the program. 
  • Midway through the program: Submitting a mentee survey midway through the program can be looked at as a progress report for both the mentee and mentor. The midpoint is a critical time in the program where the mentee can truly consider if they're getting everything they expected from the program or if your mentor needs to go in a different direction with their plan.
  • After the program: A mentee survey submitted after the program provides a full report on the program's overall success. You can also compare this data with the survey given during registration. It's evidence to determine if real progress has been made and if your mentee was inspired and changed from the experience.

Should you survey mentors and mentees if the mentorship program is for a short period? The answer is yes. Mentee surveys are beneficial to any mentee program, regardless of how long they last. Mentee surveys can help you fine tune your mentorship program, improving management and day-to-day operations. It also allows you to evaluate the program to gain insight into how to improve it. Furthermore, mentee survey questions can help you quickly resolve poor mentor matches. Let's take a closer look at how these advantages can positively work for your organization.

What better way to understand the dynamics of your mentorship program than to interview the mentor and mentee who completed it? It's recommended to survey your mentee and mentor as soon as they finish the program. You can look at this approach as an exit interview. Any participant in your mentorship program can offer valuable feedback to help you find ways to enhance the mentee experience.

By accurately predicting enrollment rates, you can evaluate the program to better prepare for the next one. This information can help you calculate the right mentor/mentee ratio without pulling too many resources from your day-to-day operations. Also, you want to ensure the goals and objectives the program aims to achieve are successful. The data collected from your survey will verify if those goals have been met or if the program needs more development.

A successful mentoring program will yield successful mentor matches. A poor mentor match can result in mixed communications and a stressful work environment. That's why mentee surveys are critical to any mentoring program. You can quickly catch any incompatible matches to make better ones.

Mentee surveys can impact your mentorship program by ensuring a better work culture. Surveys can help streamline time management, create a more inclusive program, and strengthen mentor/mentee bonds.

  • Better time management: Mentorship programs take time for both the mentors and mentees. Since you’re investing in the program, the program’s goals must be met. Mentee surveys will help you quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. You won’t have to wait until the end of the program to get answers, which will save valuable time. 
  • Strengthen mentor and mentee bonds: Mentee surveys can benefit your mentoring program by improving the bond between participants. Since surveys help you learn about the program as it goes, you can make changes along the way. This improves the mentee’s experience and helps build a stronger relationship between the mentor and mentee. Both parties can focus on events and activities that help them work well together. 
  • Ensure an inclusive mentorship program: Do certain people feel like the mentorship program isn’t designed for them? If so, surveys will notify you. They will help ensure you’re running an inclusive mentorship program that isn’t partial to a certain group of people. 
  • Better mentoring work culture: While mentees are paired with specific mentors, they'll most likely engage other personnel, which is why it's important to prepare all of your employees to engage in the mentoring program to create a company-wide mentoring work culture. 

As promised, here’s a list of mentee satisfaction survey questions. You can also access SurveyMonkey mentee survey examples to customize your survey to reflect your brand identity. Learn more about brand identity and more sample survey questions and examples. 

  • Do you have someone you can count on to advocate for you for new opportunities, often called a sponsor?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you have someone you can count on to provide useful advice on your career, often called a mentor?
    • Yes
    • No
  • How often would you like to meet with your mentor?
    • Every work day
    • Twice a week
    • Three times a week
    • Four times a week
    • Twice a day
    • Other 
  • How would you rate our mentoring program onboarding process?
    • Excellent
    • Above average
    • Average
    • Below average
    • Poor
  • Overall, how satisfied are your with your mentor match?
    • Very satisfied
    • Satisfied
    • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
    • Dissatisfied
    • Very dissatisfied 
  • Would you like to explore other mentor matches?
    • Yes
    • No
  • How friendly is your mentor?
    • Extremely friendly
    • Very friendly
    • Somewhat friendly
    • Not so friendly
    • Not at all friendly
  • To what extent does your mentor show interest in helping you reach your goals for this program?
    • A great deal
    • A lot
    • A moderate amount
    • A little
    • Not at all 
  • How helpful was the content presented at this session?
    • Extremely helpful
    • Very helpful
    • Somewhat helpful
    • Not so helpful
    • Not at all helpful
  • How much time did it take for your mentor to address your questions and concerns?
    • Much too long
    • Too long
    • About right
    • Too short
    • Much too short
  • How would you rate the productivity of each session?
    • Excellent
    • Above average
    • Average
    • Below average
    • Poor
  • How well do you think our mentor is helping your reach your goals for this program?
    • Extremely well
    • Very well
    • Somewhat well
    • Not so well
    • Not at all well
  • How friendly has the staff been so far?
    • Extremely friendly
    • Very friendly
    • Somewhat friendly
    • Not so friendly
    • Not at all friendly
  • How organized was the mentorship program?
    • Excellent
    • Above average
    • Average
    • Below average
    • Poor
  • How well is this mentoring program meeting your expectations?
    • Much better than expected
    • Better than expected
    • About what I expected
    • Worse than expected
    • Much worse than expected
  • How challenging is our mentoring program?
    • Much too challenging
    • Too challenging
    • About right
    • Too easy
    • Much too easy
  • Are you interested in serving as a mentor or advocate for someone else?
    • Yes
    • No
  • What was the single most valuable thing you learned during this mentoring program?
  • How likely is it that you would recommend this mentoring program to a colleague?
    • Extremely likely
    • Very likely
    • Somewhat likely
    • Not so likely
    • Not at all likely
  • In terms of career development, how valuable was the mentoring program to you?
    • Extremely valuable
    • Very valuable
    • Somewhat valuable
    • Not so valuable
    • Not at all valuable

Create a custom mentee survey by creating a SurveyMonkey account and enjoy our robust experience management frameworks. You can also start utilizing AI-powered feedback and solutions for optimized feedback and analyses.