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In August of 2020, some of the world’s leading tech companies joined SurveyMonkey’s supplier diversity initiative and pledged to track the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the vendors they buy from.


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SurveyMonkey is committed to fighting for equity not just at our company, but in the workforce  as a whole. We know that many other organizations share this value and as a result, they aim to support businesses where underrepresented groups are key stakeholders. We partnered with The Justice Collective to create resources and initiatives to help those who want to do more good with their budget.

Unlike past vendor diversity programs (which typically only track minority ownership), this initiative uses the Supplier Diversity survey (below) to track representation of women, racial minorities, and LGBTQ+ individuals within a vendor’s employee base, leadership team, and board of directors, for a more holistic understanding. It also evaluates vendor policies and practices to determine how inclusive they are.

By making this commitment, these companies are building awareness about the importance of representation and exerting pressure that will drive us toward a more fair and equitable workplace. They’ll be gathering the data that they need to advance their values in the workplace as a whole.

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