Know what makes your buyers tick

Use our Usage & Attitudes solution to build winning product and marketing strategies based on purchase habits and motivations.

Marketer with usage and attitudes data

Identify your top consumer segments, what they care about, how they shop and the best way to get their attention.

Know which consumer segments are using your product most frequently and where there is untapped potential.

Understand the context around how and when people are using your products to make your campaigns hyper-relevant.

Expand your business by measuring overlapping usage and preferences among your target buyers.

Graph of key drivers

Choose a desired outcome metric, such as purchase intent. Our model will instantly show you which attitudes and behaviours of your target segment have the highest correlation with that outcome.

Guided question bank

Take the guesswork out of study design with our question bank, tailored for U&A research. Add  demographic, psychographic, behavioural and usage questions.

Global consumer panels

Reach consumers all over the world with integrated panels accessing 175M+ people in over 130 countries with 200+ targeting options. Get reliable data in minutes rather than weeks.

Dashboard with AI-powered analysis

Quickly make sense of your results with built-in analysis tools such as AI-Powered Insights that instantly recommend segments, crosstab reports and multiple export formats.

“Our research using SurveyMonkey showed that JUST’s consumer base isn’t just vegans, but also meat eaters who are trying to be healthier. Proving this with data meant we could target a much broader set of consumers, which has had cascading effects on how we bring our products to market.”

Daniel Scharff
Director of Strategy, Analytics & Insights, JUST Inc.

Leading brands use SurveyMonkey for market research

Grey background with navy blue, teal and yellow squares in a pyramid shape

Quickly test and prioritise early-stage product or creative ideas with your target audience.

Product Concept Analysis

Test product ideas and compare against industry benchmarks.

Ad Creative Analysis

Test your marketing and advertising campaigns before you launch.