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Holiday Extras improves customer experience with SurveyMonkey

A SurveyMonkey solution helps Holiday Extras improve customer experience.

People pointing at a map with a "case study" subhead

When it comes to hospitality, customer experience is everything. Without detailed feedback from customers, those in hospitality are flying blind when it comes to how their offerings compare to others. Peter Mooney, new products project manager at Holiday Extras, which helps travellers find the best deals for airport parking, hotels and travel insurance, needed a better way to empower key stakeholders to collaborate on getting customer feedback.

Mooney and his team also needed an automated solution that would enable them to gather actionable customer feedback at scale. They wanted a way to ensure that they weren’t missing opportunities to improve the customer experience, as well as a way to help them gather customer feedback that complements personal customer interactions.

According to Mooney, SurveyMonkey makes it easier for Holiday Extras to measure how they’re tracking against customer-oriented goals and work cross-functionally to measure and improve customer experience. SurveyMonkey also helps reduce the time it takes to get actionable customer feedback and helps him better complement personal interactions with customers with measurable insight.


SurveyMonkey makes it easy for Holiday Extras to work cross-functionally in measuring and improving customers’ experiences.

Mooney and his team typically send surveys after a purchase. Mooney says SurveyMonkey has the features he and his team need to measure, helping them understand:

  1. How well Holiday Extras services meet customers’ needs
  2. If customers would recommend their products and services
  3. What customers like and dislike about their products and services
  4. How customers would rate their interactions with Holiday Extras
  5. How likely customers are to purchase from Holiday Extras again

Mooney strongly agrees that the SurveyMonkey team plan provides Holiday Extras with measurable and actionable data about how his customers feel and helps him feel confident that he is asking the right questions.

He also says that his team uses SurveyMonkey “in a variety of ways, as we create mostly tailor-made surveys to fulfil specific needs. SurveyMonkey has that flexibility, so it’s a great fit for those needs.”

We have been able to set up surveys, obtain answers, adapt surveys, resend and test key elements of our processes – SurveyMonkey is very useful for this.

Peter Mooney, New Products Project Manager, Holiday Extras

Would Mooney recommend SurveyMonkey? “Yes,” he says: “It allows multiple users on the platform and is priced competitively with other providers. (We have assessed that!)”

This case study was sourced using TechValidate by SurveyMonkey.

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