Gain deeper insights about your customers, employees and markets to drive growth in your organisation, even if you’re not an analyst.

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Screenshot of SurveyMonkey survey question analysis breakdown with pie chart and number of respondents

Easily view and interpret results and dig deeper into your data to address growth gaps.

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Explore real-time results, view individual responses and automatically generate charts to help you easily understand and act on data.

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Filter by answer, collector, time and crosstabs. Compare results with combined filters, including similar question and answer types.

Icon of arrows going in different directions

Use logic features to control the behaviour of your survey and enhance the quality of your data. Narrow down results based on how people answer.

Visualise and understand your data so you can analyse insights, inspire action and drive impactful outcomes.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey word cloud showing most used words
Icon of tick symbol

Clearly understand your open-ended response data with custom word cloud visuals that use common words and phrases. Export the visuals as PNG images to include in reports and presentations.

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Automatically categorise open-ended responses as positive, neutral or negative with AI-powered analysis. Filter by sentiment to better understand key factors and drivers that are important to your customers.

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Label text responses with tags and colours so you can easily find data. Download survey data into a variety of formats, including CSV, HTML, XML, PDF and more.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey survey demographics analysis with pie and bar charts

Create custom reports and dashboards that provide data-driven insights you need to take action.

Icon of person with speech bubble

Easily create and customise charts and tables that will help people across your organisation understand the insights from your surveys.

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Customise your data analysis dashboards so you can present results clearly to your organisation. Add context to your results with custom text.

Icon of laptop with upload symbol

Integrate with Tableau and PowerBI for custom visualisations or to combine with other data sources for a more holistic view. Work collaboratively by sharing a link to custom reports or dashboards, and even export your data to view in Excel, SPSS or as a PDF.


Gain the timely insights you need to drive growth, boost ROI and inform brand strategy. Quickly pressure-test ideas and get instant market feedback on products, ads, marketing messaging and more.

Woman smiling and looking at a tablet with screenshot of SurveyMonkey survey behind her
Group of five people standing behind each other in a line playing telephone with each other

With flexible settings and fast insights, SurveyMonkey team plans work the way your team works.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey analytics page with a line graph

Learn best practices and see FAQs about data analysis on the SurveyMonkey platform.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey page showing different options to share out a survey

Find out more about the SurveyMonkey platform. Learn how easy it is to find the answers you need with surveys and forms.

Three different screenshots of SurveyMonkey data analytics pages

Learn how you can easily turn all your data points into concise and compelling data stories for your stakeholders.

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